Welcome! Benvenuto! Willkommen! Shalom!

Hi and welcome to Just ExploRen’s first post! My name is Ren, and I have been living in New Zealand most of my life, more specifically the Wellington region, where don’t get me wrong, it is very pretty, but always quite chilly!

We are talking temperatures between 8°C and 18°C, and often, it is cloudy, drizzly and/or windy! After all, it’s nicknamed ‘Windy Wellington’ for a reason! You feel like you need a windbreaker jacket, mountaineering crampons that will hold you onto the ground as you walk, and an actual umbrella that will work!, and not flip inside out! My love of wearing high heels never did deter me though!

Anyway, I now find myself in Alice Springs, where I can write about a new life, and oh yeah… adjust to the weather!
I couldn’t have picked a place more different from Windy Wellington. IT IS HOT!!!! 19°C to 46°C (all the CAPS, bold and underline I have, is needed to emphasize!), very dry, and almost always sunny with blue skies.

There can be some torrential rain and impressive thunderstorms are thrown in the mix, just in case mother nature feels as though I am missing NZ. In fact, if it rains enough in the territory, the Todd River will start flowing. If you see it flow 3 times in your lifetime, you officially become a ‘local’ – just so you know, I am 1/3 of the way there now! Should I be proud?! ;-p

I am looking forward to my blog filling up with previous travel stories, outback life, future plans, photographs, bucket list tick offs, tips and advice. Feel free to read, comment, share, and follow. Enjoy discoveRen! 🙂

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