Never Can Say Goodbye

Alice Springs is such a social town. Many people come to Alice Springs as they are travelling around Australia, here to work, or … umm, I think that might be it.

Don’t get me wrong, it is a really pretty town- if you like the barren and rocky landscape look.
The township is flat, with a dried up ‘Todd River’, and is hugged by the MacDonnell ranges, with a couple of hills that act as lookouts – Must do: Anzac Hill Lookout for sunsets!

But the best thing Alice Springs has going for it, in my humble opinion, is the people.

Normally I am a ‘big city girl’, where I love the anonymity, all the shops, big city feel, lots of bars and restaurants, and lots of options of what to do this weekend.
Alice is definitely, and maybe even defiantly, the opposite – after a month or so here, ‘everyone’ knows you, not so many shops, nor too many bars and restaurants, and also not so many options of what to do this weekend.

So with not much going on, you make do, and make friends!
I have met many wonderful people here so far, and they have been making my time in Alice incredible – filled with so much laughter, craziness, love, parties!, adventure, and much more colour than I would’ve expected in the outback!

Before you know it, you are addicted.
You’ll love the small town charm, the fact that you know everyone, that people will beep/wave at you as passing by, and that all the people you like and love, will be going to the same (read: only!) party/bar this weekend.

Ellery Creek

The only part that I find unfavourable about Alice, is that, it is a ‘passing through’ town.
Except for the diehard locals, most people that are here, are either:

  • Touring travellers that are here for a day or so (i.e. going to/from Uluru),
  • Long term travellers, that work in Alice for 1-6 months (i.e. bar staff),
  • Working professionals, that work in Alice for anywhere between 6 months – 5 years (i.e. hospital staff).

When someone is leaving Alice Springs, it can be hard to say goodbye.
Whether its someone I’ve just met 10 mins prior, clicked with, and chatted like old friends, until their airport shuttle comes. Or wonderful friends I’ve worked with, learnt from, partied beside, chatted to, and hung out with.. Its always sad to say goodbye for now. There is that feeling of when you will see them again, even if, you will.

Those strangers initially, that become more like family members now, have now coloured in my view of Alice, so that I can’t see Alice without seeing them – which makes it ever so strange when they leave..

The latest family members to leave Alice were: Dianemi a month ago, and more recently, Leo and Karmen.
I owe a lot to the latter two – they employed me, gave me a chance in a new career, and therefore such a great head start for life in Alice – 2 weeks on after their departure, it is quite strange not to see them around and chat to them. Thank goodness for Facebook though!

The most impactful on me, was when my good friend Dianemi left. After a few short months after meeting her, then befriending her (and her friend, Como), I was bawling at the Greyhound stop, saying goodbye to her.

I’m ever so grateful to meet these awesome people, and it is this part, where I say a massive thanks to technology; Facebook, Skype, Viber and the such like, for keeping us all in touch with each other.

I miss you guys!! – you know who you are 😉

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