Wellington’s Wonderful Waterfronts

11 DAYS. 11 days, until I arrive in my hometown of Wellington for a holiday!

First stop, will be Sydney for a couple of days, then to Hamilton for my sister’s graduation.
After those places, I will be in lovely Windy Wellington!

One thing I really miss in the outback is Water! Alice has lots of it bottled up, but it seems to be lacking a bit outside of the supermarket!! There are plenty of trees around, ..and animals, also sand and rocks, but not much water – just a couple of waterholes around the area. It explains why everyone goes crazy in town when the ‘Todd River’ flows, once a year or two!

So that said, I can’t wait to see beaches!! Actual breathtaking, beautiful beaches!
For anyone that is heading to Wellington, I recommend the following beautiful bays – can I help it if I like alliterations?!

TOP SPOT – Worser Bay

Terrible name, but it is my favourite. And it can sometimes be best enjoyed in, wait for it.. Worser Weather!, as the clouds somehow make the water look more turquoise!

 RUNNER UP – Oriental Bay Parade

Perennial favourite with Wellingtonians, this has been a favourite of mine since I was little, as many summers, were spent here. I grew up in the Hutt Valley, so many days out involved Oriental Bay, Botanical Gardens, and the Cable Car.

NOTABLE MENTIONS – Petone Waterfront & Seaview

Wellington is a gorgeous harbour town, so it offers views from every which direction. Another favourite is the view of Wellington from Petone beach and wharf. Not far from there, is Wainui Hill lookout – a great spot for sunset viewing.

– Houghton Bay and Red Rocks Walkway

Another great spot for sunsets is Houghton Bay, and most days, you can see the top of the South Island, which looks just stunning when a ferry is crossing over. The Red Rocks walkway also starts near here, it is approximately a 3 hour walk return, and features a seal colony in many months. They blend in with the rocks, so if you get yelped at by one, don’t say I didnt give you fair warning!!

Lastly – Makara Beach

Again, it is a fabulous beach. West of the city, it does require a bit of planning to get to, but the Makara track, offers fabulous vistas of the South Island to the south and Mana Island to the west.

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