Top Travelling Tunes!

Like so many other people, I listen to music all the time.

It helps me go to sleep at night, on in the background at work, keeps me company on the walk to work (where I can be found pounding the pavement and singing like a loon!), etc.. and I also listen to music when I’m travelling.

Now, like I’ve said above and suggested in other posts, I can be even more forthcoming and confess, that I even have a runway song!

Yes you read that right, but before you go imagining me singing and sashaying my way down a catwalk runway, aka Gap Road, it’s more like me, trying to calm my nerves in a plane, about to take off from an airport runway!


Anyway, I bring you some of my ‘iTravel’ playlist songs, starting first with my privileged runway song:
(Heads up, I’m more Pop than Rock!)

*  “Pumpin’ Blood” by NONONO

NONONO – Pumpin Blood (Official Video)

So I get a wee bit nervous when the plane is about to take off, and this song helps keep me more chilled and happy, rather than sending another silent barter to God! I’ve listened to it for every takeoff in the last 2 years!
It has a great peppiness about it, that makes me feel more excited about the trip to start, in fact it is a “great start to the day” feeling song – must be the whistling!

*  “On Top of the World” by IMAGINE DRAGONS

Imagine Dragons – On Top Of The World (Official Music Video)

Pretty self explanatory why I’ve picked this as such a great travelling tune:“I’ve had the highest mountainsI’ve had the deepest riversYou can have it all but life keeps moving”

*  “City of Blinding Lights” by U2

U2 – City Of Blinding Lights

Originally I loved this song as it featured in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ soundtrack, but now I love it more so, as I’ve listened to this song in different cities while they were showing off their lights, so when I listen to this song it takes me back to those moments – It has also featured predominately in travel slideshows I used to put together!
For a while there, I had to have a long break from hearing it!

*  “Pure Shores” by ALL SAINTS

All Saints – Pure Shores (Official Music Video)

The first 20 seconds of this song is another wonderful start to a song, and makes you feel as though you’re at an idyllic beach – although that could be in thanks to ‘The Beach’ movie! Love these lyrics:
“Take me somewhere I can breathe,
I’ve got so much to see,This is where I want to be,In a place I can call mine”

*  “Our Time Now” by PLAIN WHITE T’S

Plain White T’s – Our Time Now – Official (HQ)

Back in 2008, on a Contiki coach, I recall screaming, not singing, this song out loud with 41 other people. It was our theme song of our ‘European Escapade’ tour, and it was known off by heart for us all, by the end of it!!
Even now, it can haunt me in a good way; I almost burst out in tears when I heard it on the radio the other week, because of all the good times this song saw us through, as we all travelled around Europe.

*  ‘Home” by WESTLIFE

Westlife – Home

Finally, this is what I listen to when I am heading, you guessed it, home:
“Another winter day,
has come and gone away,
in either Paris and Rome,
and I want to go home,
I miss you, you know, let me go home”

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