Busy Month!

Phew! What a busy month!! Like the photo suggests – action stations!

Ok, ok… so I admit, not on Just ExploRen so much, for which I apologise, but recently, I have been so busy and focused on saving, planning, and booking places for my round the world trip that begins in South America!

When I booked it, there was 202 days to go, and now there is only 161!! SAY WHAT?!!
I can’t believe how fast the time is going!

“So what else have you been planning?” I hear you ask… WELL….:

Dec 8-11: Fly from Sydney to Santiago, CHILE, arriving at midday.
Dec 11-12: Lima, PERU
Dec 12-15: Booked for a 4 day 3 night Amazon excursion near Puerto Maldonado & Lake Sandoval
Dec 15-17: Potter around Cusco, PERU, and acclimatise to the high altitude for which Ill be in for the following 10 days.
Dec 18-19: Booked for a 2 day 1 night Lake Titicaca excursion, staying with a local Peruvian family on Amantani Is.
Dec 20: Another day in Cusco
Dec 21-24: Booked for the 4 day 3 night Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu (arriving at M.P. on Christmas Eve!)
Dec 24-26: Christmas in Cusco!! Christmas Markets
Dec 27-29: Booked for a 3 day 2 night Salt Flats Tour with a transfer to San Pedro de Atacama, CHILE
Dec 29-30: In San Pedro de Atacama
Dec 30-Jan 2: New Years at the beach: Valparaiso & Vina del Mar!! Big fireworks display spread over 5 bays at New Years!
Jan 4-7: Doing the 4 day 3 night ‘W’ trek, in Torres del Paine National Park.
Well thats all I have booked so far!
To be honest, its probably as planned and booked as I’m going to get for this whole trip as lots of it will be looser.
I’ve only booked all this, as its saved me from going out in Alice spending money!, it will be my first time in S.America and bookings will make me feel more comfortable while getting used to foreign continent by myself, and also it’s shoulder to high season around that time, because of Christmas/NY, and I didn’t want to get to those places to find myself homeless, and/or killing time and money waiting for a thing I want to do.

The only other things Im going to book is Rio and Carnival tickets for February, and Iguassu Falls.

So what do you guys think? Exciting yes?


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