The Art of Research


Once again I find myself apologising for being in offline mode on here.
I’m afraid there isn’t a really great reason to get me out of your bad books, not a “the dog ate my homework” line, or even a great sickie excuse like “lumbar adhesion“.

So instead of picturing me in my death-like, sick bed, which I’m sure you all are… I have been found in my room somewhat in a mode that has been coined as Yeti mode – although it could look similar!
Instead of being found with sick aids like, tissues, medicine and lemonade.. I’m blocked in with pieces of paper notes, maps and V energy drinks (this could be the reason why I suffer from ‘insomnia’ some nights!)

Anyway, while sipping on blue V drinks, after I’ve finished work, I go into said yeti mode, and start more research into my upcoming trip, which get this.. is in 97 days!! I seriously can’t get over how fast time is going… and how little amount of pay weeks I have left! (15 for those counting at home)

At the moment, I am loving researching USA and Canada.

When I first started thinking of travelling around these two huge mammoths of countries, it was going to originally start in Las Vegas in March, head up the west coast to Vancouver, train to Toronto in early April, see my uncle in PEI, down to NYC then off to London in May.
Sounded wonderful, until one night I was pinning yet another star onto the Google Maps app for another place to check out in the Canadian rockies, when I read that “Moraine Lake Rd (closed Sep – May)”.
*Insert sound effect of bad news: dohm, dohm, dohmmm!

All of a sudden, that whole part of the trip went on a big overhaul, and caused me to stay up to 3am figuring out a new plan. Instead of going west to east, it’s now vice versa, and I’m now most likely going to be flying from Seattle to Europe at the end of May. All so that I can see a gorgeous lake which opens mid May, as the snow is thawing out.

In my work, I occasionally show people my itinerary, and they say they can’t believe how planned it is etc, and while I was a bit embarrassed about it.. now I’m more proud. I would’ve hated to turn up at this place that I’ve dreamed of for years, booked accommodation, flights etc, just to find out that the roads closed and I couldn’t get to it!!

So to those people that travel with no time limit, and completely freestyle it – that’s awesome!
But now I am very happy that I’m one of those people that will research areas, book places, and they will be open/have great weather when I finally get there!

So for those people as studious as I am, here are some resources that I can’t get enough of: fore-mentioned Google Maps app (the world is now covered in those saved stars!), Google search engine for the answers to everything, Lonely Planet ebooks, Pinterest, Rome2Rio, Bloglovin’, Expedia, TripAdvisor, app, and Dreamdays app for helping me count down the days!

Have you ever been researching and found out that something is closed?

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