Maldives: A Love Story

Why hello there! It’s been a while that I’ve written, but don’t worry, I’m starting out again with a goodie!

Jono and I recently got married, and one of our honeymoon destinations, was the incredibly beautiful Maldives. Words can not express how wonderful our week was here, so how about I show you some photos first!

South Ari Atoll
Our island from the drone – Nalaguraidhoo in the South Ari Atoll
So out of this world, that it’s unbelievable that it is in our world!

Sun Island Resort on Nalaguraidhoo Island, is the largest resort island in the Maldives, and has plenty of beaches to relax on. Jono and I hired bicycles, and probably cycled only half the island in our time there!
Sun Island also features a gorgeous sandbar at end of the island which was just stunning, and had me: #relaxmodeon!

We spent Christmas here, and we couldn’t have picked a more idyllic place to spend it. We loved snorkelling around, and seeing so many different fish, octopi, turtles, reef sharks, and stingrays.

We just booked the option with breakfast board only, as we knew there was a mandatory Christmas Eve gala dinner that would then make one of the dinners defunct, and the meals that you do pay for are just at one restaurant etc, so we were happy with the option we went for.
Half the time we had breakfast late so it covered breakfast and lunch haha!

We stayed in a gorgeous water bungalow most of the time, and honestly it had me jumping up and down in excitement, and asking Jono to pinch me, and it had Jono grinning – trust me, that’s a rarity, and is a stellar pass for the resort! It had a gorgeous sun soaked balcony with sun loungers, and around the corner were stairs that lead us straight to the ocean.

We had hired snorkel kits, and it wasn’t long until we took advantage of the house feature and went snorkelling.

Just be warned guys, that stingrays can be around, so stay aware as you swim, as they can be fatal to humans. A tell of theirs, is that they stir the sand around on the floor as they feed, so when you may see a ‘sand storm’ of sorts, bets are that it’s a stingray.

What also made our time here wonderful, was the Big Game Adventure tour we went on, where we saw a huge pod of spinner dolphins showing off their tricks, on our way out as the sun was rising, and then again on our way back to the island. They really had my heart racing from the excitement! Jono managed to catch a Wahoo fish that we had for dinner that night.

But what really stole the show was, snorkelling with 5 or 6 Manta Rays!
I was so busy videoing Jono swimming with them, that I turned around once, and had one coming right up to me with mouth agape capturing plankton for its lunch. Knowing that they’re harmless, but still wanting to get out of its way just from the sheer size of it (I think around 4-5m wingspan)!, was a memory imprinted on me for life. They are truly magnificent!

Poor Hawksbill turtles that would normally get me on a high, had a tough time cut out for them, after that Manta Ray experience! Unfortunately our luck ran out when it came to seeing whale sharks – but its a great excuse to come back another day!

Sun Island Resort, you gave us so many treats to remember for our lifetime! From welcoming drinks, to beds dressed up with ‘Happy Honeymoon”. From plentiful sealife, to water bungalows with stairs to the ocean. And from idyllic beaches to excellent food. I’ll be sure to recommend you to all!


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