Heya, I’m Ren..

Thank you for checking out my blog, Just ExploRen.

My actual name is Laurenne, but I am known as Ren! …much shorter and I thought it would be more comprehensive for people to say! But being a Kiwi with a strong accent and living in Central Australia, I get teased with ‘Rin’ a lot! Eeuuuck!! 😂

I do love my nickname though, it allows me and others to have some fun with it. Since adopting it full-time, I’ve become – The RENegade, Lady RENaissance, and now I’m just exploREN! ✈️

I am a blonde, blue eyed kiwi (New Zealander), who stands in at 5ft tall, with an addiction to travel, adventure, experiences, and has a camera and iPhone as travel buddies!
My hometown is Wellington, NZ and while I do miss it, I am loving life in Alice Springs, NT, AUS. Been here 2 years now (with a 6 month gap where I traversed the Americas), and I’ve now seen the Todd River flow three times & had a bike stolen, which means I’m now allowed to be called a local!

My loves in life are photographing animals, Netflix, NARS & Chanel Cosmetics, Le Snak’s, Apple products (Yes, I wake at 2am just to catch the keynotes!), Laduree macarons, fruit cider’s, and eBay’ing.

Hold on, I might be missing something… hmmm… oh yeah!.. I LOVE TRAVEL!  In fact everything to do with it! I love plotting and planning future trips, I get excited packing, going to airports, flights (during takeoffs and landings I can be found sweating a little though!), busing around countries, eating exotic foods, meeting new people, discoveRen new cultures and exploRen different places! See what I did there?! hehe!  I even love my misadventures – they make some great stories! I’m sure I’ll tell some as I go along…

I created Just ExpoRen, as I love the creative side of making a website – I can happily sit on my laptop for hours tinkering. I also made it to do a bit of storytelling, and tell stories from my travels and experiences, and also so that my family and friends can keep tabs on me too!

So travel with me via my posts, and can also follow me on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and good ol’ email!

From Ren x



  1. What is your middle name? Fleur
  2. Favorite color? Mint or teal greens
  3. Favorite perfume? L’eau D’issey by Issey Miyake (thanks Ange for that new love 🙂 )
  4. Favorite holiday? New Years
  5. Your favourite ice-cream flavour? Blood Orange sorbet
  6. Favourite TV show? Friends
  7. PC or Mac? Mac
  8. Favorite movie? The Proposal – love Ryan Reynolds!
  9. Favorite animal/s? Otters, Penguins & Turtles
  10. What is your favourite song? ‘Pumpin Blood’ by NONONO
  11. Favourite food? Pumpkin Quinoa salad at Page 27 cafe in Alice Springs
  12. Favourite drink? Boost Juice’s ‘Energy Lift’, & Baileys – not together!
  13. Favourite shop/s? J.Crew
  14. Favourite place? Pinehaven in NZ, where I grew up
  15. Book you love?: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.
  16. What is a random fact about you? I have double jointed fingers, mainly the thumbs.
  17. Have a favourite website? http://www.stuff.co.nz, or mine! – had too!
  18. Do you have a pet peeve? People who take up the whole sidewalk and walk slowly!!
  19. Scared of anything? The texture or feeling of spiders or insects!
  20. What’s your horoscope? Taurus, which describes me fairly accurately (reliable, conservative, materialistic & stubborn haha) 🙂