Hits & Misses: New York City, NY, USA

“There is something in the New York air that makes sleep useless.” Simone de Beauvoir


First and foremost, it is the icon of New York City, and was one of my favourite places.
Whether you seeing it from another place, walking by it, or going up to it’s beautiful deck.. You just have to spend time at one of the most recognizable places on earth!!
Tip: Watching sunsets from the 86th deck was one of the best things to do! Crowded, but so worth it.. Stick around to see the city blanketed in darkness, with its beautiful lights twinkling at you!

The Empire State Building and city, viewed from Top of the Rock


The exception to the rule is the Empire State Building, that will always be quite busy. But most places will have some quiet moments, and I found that sometimes mid afternoon in the middle of the week, I would be in places with not many people around – bliss!  Times Square is one of those other really busy places, but around midnight, it was quite void of people, and those massive flashing billboards would be quietly shining on you!


Central Park is such a great place to check out!  It is so mammoth!! Much bigger than I initially thought!
So many different area’s to hang out – I personally loved Umpire Rock, The Mall, and all the little bridges.
It is a lovely place to meet up and catch up with people, and you know when walking around in it, that there are just as many locals around, as there are tourists.


Oh how lovely this space is!  It is one of the world’s largest train stations, but the best thing about it is the concourse!  The ceiling is blue with the constellations illuminated with fibre optic lights, huge windows, lovely wide balconies to people watch, and wonderful lighting.
Tip: for a fun photo, get a friend to stay on a balcony, while you go and semi-hide in the crowd, and they take a photo.  A personal version of Where’s Wally/Waldo!


It may be a personal thing, but the subway was one thing that really bugged me.  It was confusing, the signs weren’t so clearly marked, and it was so busy! Maybe if I had more time, I would’ve enjoyed it more or gotten used to it.. But after a couple of times on it, I was soon avoiding taking it! Just too messy – London’s subway is a lot better organised, and streamlined!  The subway signs are the only cool thing about it! lol..

A bit of an abstract take on a subway lit up sign near Times Square


Another of those recognisable places in New York, that connects Manhattan & Brooklyn over the East River.
Takes around 40 minutes, but for me was around an hour with all the picture taking!  The cables connecting to the towers were awe-inspiring, and although the walkway was packed with cyclists and tourists, it was such a wonderful experience, to look down to the cars below, and the views of Manhattan!


The High Line is an old elevated railway track, that has been converted to a gorgeous walkway. Part outdoor art space, and part park, it is a lovely area to spend time in. Best segment is the lower half, between Gansevoort and W 24th streets.