Hits & Misses: Sydney, Australia

“If Paris is a city of lights, Sydney is the city of fireworks.” Baz Luhrmann


If you’re staying near the CBD, you have a great opportunity to walk across the Harbour Bridge as the city is starting to wake up, to Milsons Point, near the Jeffereys St Wharf.  I suggest using Google directions to get you there, and also find out the sunrise time for the day you are there.
Aim time to get there just before the sun rises, and you will have a great view of the Opera House, the city, and the Harbour Bridge. On a nice day, the sun makes the bridge Pylons glow orange/red.  Lovely..

Sydney sunrise - just exploren
After taking these shots, you feel like you have won the Oscar award of the Postcard Perfect photo of a Sydney sunrise!!


Sydney is a fabulous place to shop. Places I recommend you to check out, include, the spectacular Queen Victoria Building, Myer, Pitt St Mall and Westfield Sydney. At the latter, be sure to drop by Laduree for macaroons, a Boost Juice, and the food court there, was pretty great for a shopping centre!


I know this is a shocker!  Whenever I’m there, it is packed!  And I don’t do well with crowds. So a good way to enjoy the beaches, is the Coogee to Bondi walk – beautiful meandering walk around bays and cliffs.
Not up for a 2 hour walk?  Then just try Icebergs for a relaxing drink and snacks, and look upon the crowd.


I had hummed and ahhed about doing the Sydney Harbour Bridge Bridgeclimb.  It has an expensive price tag, you can’t take your camera (cars below would have a surprise if it fell!!), and if you do want the photos of you afterwards, then the price adds up further.  BUT it was one of the best things I’ve done!  The views were amazing, but it was actually more the experience of the climb that did it for me!


Sydney’s traffic is terrible, and it takes an age to get anywhere! So my advice, stay in the city, and stay in the city!  Book accommodation in the CBD, or walking distance to it, and then base yourself around that area. When I’ve been to Sydney by myself and with family, we caught the airport train to Circular Quay, and stayed near the Rocks and walked everywhere! Best thing ever!
When we had to drive somewhere or catch public transport, I almost had no hair by the end of the journey!
So get your legs crack-a-lacking when in Sydney 🙂


Ok, so yes, it has tourists everywhere, but when you are smack bang in front of it, it is amazing!
I have seen so many photos of it, from fairly far away, so when I was so close to the arches, I never realised how much detail it had! Simply gorgeous, so now I understand why everyone makes a fuss over it!  Unfortunately, I’ve never had enough time to organise seeing an opera or ballet performance there yet, but I would highly recommend trying to if you can – the inside is gorgeous!

Beautiful arches of the Sydney Opera House